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Playwright Lauren Gunderson really did her homework given what could be a difficult topic: the founding of modern astronomy. more



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Leda Hoffman directs Luminous Theatre’s post-apocalyptic comedy Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play in the Goat Palace. This play shows how, after a major pandemic, people react to stress very differently. more


Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s production of a little-known late work by Tennessee Williams, A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur, is a masterful study of loneliness, unlikely companionship and “going on” after dreams are shattered. Directed by ... more



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New shows at Milwaukee Repertory Theater and Milwaukee Chamber Theater highlight this week's theater scene in Milwaukee. more

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Traveling Lemur Productions

Leslye Headland’s dark contemporary comedy Bachelorette doesn’t deserve the cast that Theater RED has assembled for it. The comedy about a group of people meeting on the evening before a wedding is not without its tender intricacy and inti.. more



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In November of 2014, Kelly Doherty and Marcee Doherty-Elst performed a cabaret show at the Next Act Theatre. Doherty has shown considerable talent for both comedy and drama in a number of intimate productions over the years, most notably as .. more


A one-man musical sounds like one hell of an undertaking. There’s a tremendous amount of pressure on a tremendously small group of people. If even one component of a small musical production is off, thew hole thing can tank.So no pressure, righ.. more


The View From Here is Timothy Huang’s musical about a novelist moving to New York. The show takes the form of a series of letters to a girl back home. Sound fun? Those interested in seeing the show staged with a decent budget under the power.. more


It’s called, We Got Spirits, Yes We Do! The idea is to tell get drunk at a cigar bar and tell ghost stories. It’ll be something that’s recorded and podcasted and things. The idea was evidently one had by local playwright Liz Shipe. What makes .. more



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My wife and I have the same criticism of the overall premise of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. The overall premise of the dystopian novel seems to be ignoring the central force at the heart of hundreds of years of politics in the United St.. more


the world premiere of Neil’s Dirty Shorts, six sketches featuring the same crack cast of actors and covering everything from cannibalism to time travel. more


This holiday season, Umbrella Group presents Who Killed Santa?—an hilarious whodunit with arm-and-rod puppets, now in its sixth reprisal. more


Playwright/actress Liz Shipe deftly juggles action, comedy and drama with her latest. A Lady in Waiting relates a variation on the Robin Hood legend told from the perspective of a capable, independent Maid Marian and her companion, Aria more


An old man and old woman live in lonely isolation on an island. They have invited “imaginary guests” to their ramshackle home and frantically put out more and more chairs as the “guests” arrive. They are “all” awaiting the arrival ... more


It’s exceedingly difficult to tell an original Christmas story. With Home For Christmas, playwright Liz Shipe does a solidly entertaining job of telling a story familiar enough to seem like a dramatic stage comedy that’s been around more


June features not one, but two free outdoor productions of Shakespearean works. The better known of the two productions is Macbeth, which is being staged by Optimist Theatre. There is little that could be said here about Macbeth that hasn't... more


Fools For Tragedy takes the stage of the Alchemist Theatre again next month as it presents Jordan Gwiazdowski’s Waiting. Conceptually, it’s a rather clever mutation of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot. A group of five actors play various roles.. more


A great restaurant becomes special when it provides the ideal setting for a variety of occasions—a romantic date, a casual get-together with friends, a fancy night out or a celebration with family. At Sala da Pranzo, that variety continues ... more

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“We’re 110 years old, but there are no original members,” says Linda Binder, music director of the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra, making light of a long history. Incorporated in 1900 as a nonprofit organization, the Orchestra is the oldes more

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The Milwaukee Brewers’ season is winding to a close. Tonight the team continues its final home stand of the year when they take on the Florida Marlins at a 7:10 p.m. game. more

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