Kenny James

CircleSwitch will debut their Alibi video before playing a benefit for a friend Saturday. more

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The Milwaukee band CircleSwitch has produced an unusually elaborate DVD for a local band. As We Are begins with a documentary of CircleSwitch spliced together from band member interviews and concert footage. As summarized in those interviews, Circ.. more

I Hate Hollywood

When guitarist Danny Rodic founded CircleSwitch in 2007, he was as determined to find the right people to work with as he was to put his own spin on the hard rock that had shaped his musicianship. “We auditioned over one hundred vocalists b... more

Local Music

Playwright Celeste Bedford Walker has won an NAACP Image Award for her sensitive portrayal of African-American characters, and she brings that same delicate touch to her depiction of women of a certain age in her romantic comedy Sassy more

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