In author Ben Rawlence’s heart-wrenching narrative, City of Thorns, he profiles the lives of some of the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, home to almost half-a-million primarily Somali refugees fleeing war, terrorism, famine and climate change... Read more


Former Camden bandmates Eric Osterman and Ryan Weber understood that their band Eric & Magill would be a long-distance project when they started it, but they probably couldn't have predicted just how long that distance would be. In the years since.. Read more

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One of the most anticipated political books of recent memory is an exhaustively reported, absorbing biography that sheds a real-life look on our current president. Drawing from hundreds of interviews, including with President Obama himself.... Read more


Selected by The New York Times' Book Review as a 2011 “Notable Book of the Year,” Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness is an unforgettable memoir by author Alexandra Fuller. In this firsthand account, Fuller takes readers to the Read more


The History Channel series “How the States got their Shapes” is a little like those U.S. map puzzles we played with as kids—writ larger and with humor. The host, onetime “Daily Show” correspondent Brian Unger, is the geek with attitude as .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Expensive projects to eradicate poverty in the Third World have come under scrutiny, though they seem to continue despite the criticism. In the PBS documentary “Good Fortune,” two views from the grass roots of Kenya add a measure of dimension to .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Through Jan. 30, the Dean Jensen Gallery presents “Big Bangs, Small Bucks 2,” featuring more than 100 international artworks at value prices. This eclectic exhibit displays a variety of mediums from artists all around the world, including I... Read more

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On Aug. 4, President Barack Obama celebrated the anniversary of his birth, an event that occurred 48 years ago in the state of Hawaii. This is an indisputable fact, as sane critics on the right, such as ,News Features Read more

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One has come to expect skilled acting, rich costuming and imaginative sets from First Stag The Neverending Story ,Theater Read more


Compared to the typical music scenes, Nairobi, Kenya stands out as a curiously unique sta Momofuku ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

  A new exhibit at Tory Folliard Gallery exploreswildlife in the African Serengeti. Elephants onParade, ,Art Read more

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For the next month or so, the conservative valentines will arrive every day at the © 2008 Creators Syndicate Inc. ,News Features Read more

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