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When we first meet Jericho Stewart (Kevin Costner) in Criminal, he is chained to the bars and fed with a box dropped through the overhead grating. Glowering and hard-faced, Jericho lacks empathy, emotion, impulse control. He isn’t an ideal ... more

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In Barbershop: The Next Cut, Calvin’s barbershop, now employing female beauticians as well as male barbers, is the setting for all kinds of fun and drama. A serious tone is taken when neighborhood crime threatens both the shop and local kid... more

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Based on a true story, McFarland, USA follows Jim White (Kevin Costner), a down-on-his-luck track coach, who lands a relatively low-paying job as a central California P.E. teacher in the farming community of McFarland, Calif. more

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In Mike Binder’s Black or White Kevin Costner plays attorney Elliot Anderson, the sole custodial caretaker of his biracial preteen granddaughter Eloise (Jillian Estell). Elliot is drawn into a custody battle with Eloise’s paternal grandmoth... more

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Israeli writer/directors Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales’ second feature, Big Bad Wolves is the brutal follow up to their 2010 feature Kalevet (Rabies). The story more

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In the middle of a high-stakes operation in Belgrade, Serbia, a U.S. mission to thwart the sale of a dirty bomb by a pair of international masterminds known as the Wolf and the Albino, CIA agent Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner) stops to call hi... more

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Upon learning that he suffers from a terminal disorder, Secret Service agent Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner) resigns his post to spend time with his wife (Connie Nielsen) and daughter (Hailee Steinfeld). Then Renner is told he’ll be given an a... more

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Most anyone living at the time can clearly recall hearing the news on that Friday afternoon of Nov. 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.Little wonder that several movies have dealt with those events in Dallas more

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This Superman is an origin story that casts Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. We meet Superman as a youngster when his adopted Earth father, Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner), advises Clark to keep his superpowers to himself more

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As a progressive, I'm often asked if there is a real difference between progressivism and liberalism, or if progressivism is merely a nicer-sounding term for the less popular L-word.It's a fair question, considering that Democratic politici... more

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' Kevin Costner is no Jimmy Stewart but he's a plausible stand-in for Capra's other f Mr. ,Film more

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It’s not hard to imagine: Frank Capra, who directed Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and It’s a Wonderful Life, would have made Swing Vote had he lived today. He might have made this civics lesson in American politics more concise and a bit sharper, .. more

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