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 A newcoffee table book, Star Wars Art: Concepts (published by Abrams), shows that many familiarimages from the franchise took life as pen and magic marker drawings (andlater, on digital programs). The wrinkled, long-eared visag.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

 It was really quite cool to run across this one from a strange angle on Facebook. No official press release on it, but it sounds interesting.Work In Progress is a new play be Ben Parman about a nonprofit temp agency that looks to find work for.. Read more


 Atfirst glance, the latest Woody Allen films released on Blu-ray, Sleeper (1973)and Hannah and her Sisters (1986), represent entirely different aspects of thewriter-director’s work. Sleeper is a sci-fi spoof and Hannah is like a Chek.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Melissa Czarnik's first forays with rap were freestyling at high school and college parties, where she'd sometimes do battle with unwitting male opponents when one of their boasts struck her as overly misogynistic, but these days Czarnik's ... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

At the middle of the decade, Def Harmonic’s abstract, funky acid-rap was some of the most exciting music coming out of the Milwaukee hip-hop scene, but the group dissolved before it had a chance to make much of an impression outside of the ... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Ireland’sThe Cranberries rode the 1990s alternative boom well, with singles likethe 1993 ballad “Linger” and 1994’s far-grungier “Zombie” becomingnear-ubiquitous rock radio staples. Like many of their contemporari,This Read more

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