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At this point in his career, genre-bending rapper Juiceboxxx is used to being misunderstood, even in his hometown of Milwaukee, and his latest album, Freaked Out American Loser, demonstrates that he still has plenty left to prove. Read more

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When Jordan Lee, aka DJ Madhatter, started the Miltown Beat Down in 2005, Milwaukee’s hip-hop scene was as segregated as the city itself, divided by geography, race and culture. For years the chasm between East Side rap Read more

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 Anticipation for December’s release of the film adaptation of Les Miserables rests on the success of the Broadway musical based on one of the 19thcentury’s signature novels. Anyone interested in the deep underpinnings ofVictor Hugo’s.. Read more

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Of Milwaukee's many hip-hop DJs, few have worked crowds as reliably as Kid Cut Up, who over the last decade has performed at almost every club in the city that has ever opened its doors to rap music, and for the last three years has hosted WMSE's .. Read more

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As the co-host of WMSE's Tuesday night hip-hop program "Mad Kids," DJ Kid Cut Up is reputed as one of Milwaukee's preeminent rap DJs, but on his new mix he steps away from hip-hop to display his breadth. Culled from bits of his summer sets and ne.. Read more

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,Best of Milwaukee 2009 Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2009

The Milwaukee Brewers complete their three-game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers this afternoon with a 1:05 p.m. game at Miller Park.,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Russia has successfully beaten off invaders from the West time and again, and the epic struggles to preserve the nation’s identity against outside enemies have given rise to many excellent films. One of the greatest, Come andSee (1985), is a visi.. Read more

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Whenever politicians try to pass themselvesoff as art critics, intelligent citizens have Mona Lisa ,Taking Liberties Read more

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Mixing backpacker hip-hop with a smattering of popular club rap doesn’t sound like Club Soda No Ice, Vol. 2. ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Nothing could replace the Late Night Hype Show, one of the longest running rap radio programs in the country. With unmistakable character, that 10-year WMSE staple was a tireless advocate of underground, classic and Midwest hip-hop. But the Kid C.. Read more

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Through April, the David Barnett Gallery continues its American Pop Art exhibit. More tha The Alps ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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For the last eight months, the chorus of bloggers shouting about how Vampire Weekend will become the next big thing has become absolutely deafening. Today, after almost a year of this hype, the band finally releases its debut album, and soon we’ll.. Read more

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Every week, DJ Kid Cut Up hosts Hip-Hop Tuesdays at The Uptowner, spinning a mix of curren The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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