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There’s a good chance that if you’re familiar with Milwaukee singer/songwriter Gina Barrington, it’s by way of the Milwaukee electronic duo Kiings. The duo included a slick, trip-hop makeover of her single “Cupid" on their 2013 remix... more

Aug 25, 2017 7:53 PM On Music

There’s more energy in Milwaukee’s electronic scene right now than there’s been in decades. The local label NiceFM is trying to seize the moment. more

Mar 7, 2017 3:57 PM Music Feature

It was just last month that KIINGS producer Chris Siegel and a host of collaborators dropped their joyous summer jam "This Is How." Now he's re-teamed with a pair of singers from that track, Lex Allen and Siren, for a follow-up with a similarly li.. more

Jun 9, 2016 5:46 PM On Music

It’s probably a coincidence that KIINGS’ Chris Siegel dropped his new single on a bright, sunny morning after what was hopefully the last chilly weekend of the spring, but it's fitting, because “This Is How” feels like an official declaration t.. more

May 16, 2016 3:30 PM On Music

From politically charged experimental hip-hop to free-spirited rock ’n’ roll, here are the 2015 Milwaukee albums you need to hear. more

Dec 8, 2015 8:17 PM Music Feature 4 Comments

With his music videos for WebsterX, Damien Klaven demonstrated his gift for world building, making footage filmed in or around Milwaukee look like it was somehow imported from an exotic foreign film. He brings that same skill to the latest music v.. more

Sep 18, 2015 2:55 PM On Music


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An array of artists from Milwaukee’s music scene lent their voices to Kiings’ debut full-length album, WWYDF. more

Feb 24, 2015 10:02 PM Music Feature 2 Comments

The trickle of new songs from Kiings continues. In advance of their debut album, which still doesn't have a release date, the Milwaukee electronic duo has released a new track, "Starting To Think (They Might Be On To Something)," an effervescent o.. more

Sep 29, 2014 6:00 PM On Music

The Milwaukee electronic duo Kiings have spent much of the last year working on original material, with sights on releasing a full-length album soon, but they haven't forgotten their roots as remix artists. Their latest track is a reworking of Jam.. more

Apr 30, 2014 7:25 PM On Music

With 1978’s Here, My Dear, Marvin Gaye found himself in an unusual and unhappy legal position. Not only had his marriage to Anna Gordy, sister of Motown head Berry Gordy, just dramatically implo,Concert Reviews more

Mar 3, 2014 12:59 AM Concert Reviews

Anybody who purchased the debut from the Brooklyn indie-rock ensemble San Fermin on the strength of their live show must have been a little disappointed to discover the group's most commanding presence wasn't even featured on that record. Singers .. more

Feb 10, 2014 7:00 PM On Music

The Milwaukee production duo Kiings made a splash early this year with Warehouses Possessed by the City, an ambitious remix project framed around Wisconsin musicians, but lately they've been trying their hand at original material. This summer they.. more

Dec 29, 2013 2:21 PM On Music

A short time ago 88Nine Radio Milwaukee could barely accommodate bands in its cramped studio, let alone host an audience. More so, the small space, distant from the city center and housed inside a Mil,Concert Reviews more

Dec 6, 2013 9:53 AM Concert Reviews

Radio Milwaukee 88Nine has plenty to celebrate at this year’s sixth annual Radio Milwaukee Music Awards. Earlier this year the station moved operations to an extravagant new studio complex and more

Dec 4, 2013 12:35 AM This Week in Milwaukee

During their short time together so far, Chris Siegel and Sean Foran's production duo Kiings has functioned primarily a remix project, posting remixes online and earlier this year releasing Warehouses Possessed by the City , an EP of remixes of fe.. more

Jun 17, 2013 3:00 PM On Music

Tarik Moody doesn’t have much regard for genre boundaries. As a DJ for 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, Moody spins a little bit of everything, and as a principal behind the concert series Unlooped, he delights in having local indie-rock more

Feb 26, 2013 9:13 PM Local Music

Renaissance England has grasped popular imagination for a very long time and while lauded on stage, screen and in the concert hall. Early Music Now welcomes four special guest artists collectively known as Plaine & Easie to Milwaukee to fur... more

Feb 8, 2011 12:00 AM Classical Music

The indie-pop band Eisley is prone to poppy, Coldplay-ish pianos and is comprised of four young siblings and their cousin. That set-up implies novelty act, but the group has won the support of some esteemed indie peers, most notably Bright ... more

Nov 7, 2010 12:00 AM Today in Milwaukee

Grave-robbing murderer Ed Gein has been the inspiration for horror films from Psycho to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but until now he’d never been the subject of a musical. Filmed for just $9,000 and starring director Dan Davies more

Oct 31, 2010 12:00 AM Today in Milwaukee

When it comes to making a shocking impression, Alice Cooper has the perfect formula.For nearly five decades Cooper has been pioneering an off-shoot of hard-rock frequently called shock rock, and has lately taken on a particular fascination ... more

Sep 1, 2010 12:00 AM Concert Reviews