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Selma wasn’t the first screen dramatization of Martin Luther King Jr. King (1978) stars Paul Winfield as the civil rights leader and Cicely Tyson as Coretta Scott King. more

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Waukesha’sOutskirts Theatre Company opens the first show of its inaugural seasonthis month as it presents Bert V. Royals’ Dog Sees God: Confessions of aTeenage Blockhead. It’s an interesting choice for an opening show—acoming of age story with.. more


The 35 year-old Kenosha Christian Life School recently announced that it will be staging a production of The King and I. The press release starts like this:  “Culture conflicts, women’s rights and slavery aren’t topics for history courses alon.. more


If it were possible to mash everything on alternative radio into a doughy paste, then cook the batter in an easy bake oven for a half hour, the resulting band would probably be indistinguishable from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This shape more

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Sarah Borges has never been one to hide her influences. Like one of her biggest inspirations, X, she brings a punk sensibility to country music, so she named her lovely 2007 disc Diamond in the Dark after a line from an X song. On her lates... more

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I have to say I was more than a little wary heading to the Bradley Center Friday night for the Marquette/Pitt game. My level of patience with the Golden Eagles had slowly been running out and I was afraid we'd be subject to yet another disappointi.. more

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Can't say we were not warned. Bob and Phil La Follette, Justices Ryan in 1873, a unanimous Supreme Court in 2007, Gaylord Nelson, and Bill Proxmire all told us to be alert for special interest money distorting our issues and corrupting even the be.. more

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I'm Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? Listen, I got to tell Red Pepper ,Art for Art's Sake more

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Under their previous incanartion as Slobberbone, the Texan country-rock band The Drams wer Abominations ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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Enchanted by RomanceLove and the CityNovember 21, 2007 | 08:59 AMSomeone mixed up in the production of Disney's Enchanted had at least one interesting idea. Within the constricted boundary of a comedy meant for children and their sitters, En.. more

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