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A conversation about the growing interest in CBD products and the possibility of legalization of medical marijuana in Wisconsin, along with interviews with the founders of Optimist Theatre and founding members of the new 53212 Presents theater group. Read more

Radio Shepherd Express


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Celsius 232 is surprisingly creative and efficient at portraying a dystopian future where critical thought has gone extinct. Read more

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Cabaret Milwaukee’s latest trilogy delivers a darkly comic second installment in The Heart of the Clockwork Man; see it through Nov. 19 at the appropriately atmospheric Astor Hotel Pub. Read more


Cabaret Milwaukee’s latest offering of 1930s radio play-style shenanigans, The Clockwork Man, origins, delivers a captivating World War I melodrama along with fantastically fun entr’acte entertainments of the century passed. Read more


The unexpected. It’s one of the best things about a program of original theatrical shorts. You don’t know what to expect. The show begins. You don’t know what to expect. Then there’s a change in scenery. Then there’s another show where anything co.. Read more


Cooperative Performance Milwaukee stages a dreamy dance about mistakes and struggles with aLL wRoNG. Read more


The title says it all. Danceworks opened its summer DanceLAB with Get It Out There, a two-part presentation of 17 worthy short works of dance and performance art. Read more



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This summer, the World’s Stage Theatre beautifully brings Martin Sherman’s concentration camp drama BENT to the intimate space of the Tenth Street Theatre Read more


Recent victories in gay rights make the events depicted in the stage drama Bent that much more chilling. The fact that Nazi Germany had a hierarchy of undesirables at all is disturbing enough. Gays were evidently at the bottom of that list...c.. Read more



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Quasimondo’s intense Kamikaze Cute-Sauce Cos-Play Club is an insightful exploration of culture, gender and power. Read more



Quasimondo Physical Theatre

Quasimondo Physical Theatre opens its third season in a new venue, Studio G (in Milwaukee Public Theatre’s space in the Shops of Grand Avenue), with Buboes, a spectacle of gallows humor and pedigreed clowning. Read more


George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a startlingly concise political drama that stands as one of the great works of 20th-century fiction. The Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Read more


The Hollowz didn’t intend for the lighthearted title of their debut album, Dreams of Sex and Flying, to be so ironic. The duo had conceived the title as a lark last year while kidding around on WMSE’s “Mad Kids” program, well befor Read more

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