Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall


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The end-of-year holidays are upon us; concerts throughout our area embrace the spirit of the season. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee


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Corner taverns are cultural icons of Milwaukee, reflecting our brewing heritage and a time when the city was an industrial powerhouse, and several of these homey places are still around. Read more


The tawdry Milwaukee tradition returned for another night of punk, drag, high-concept covers and very tasteless jokes. Read more

Concert Reviews

Ruthie answers a question from a reader whose husband’s ex wants to hang out all the time. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Back on the circuit after a break, Milwaukee’s Honky Tonkitis embrace the decidedly adult spirit of classic honky-tonk records. Read more

Music Feature

Kochanski’s Wednesday night polka jams draw a spirited crowd of musicians—but one that won’t be around forever. Read more

Local Music

The protest-minded country-punk band The Waco Brothers brought plenty of politics to their show Saturday night. Read more

Concert Reviews


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The protest-minded country-punk band The Waco Brothers brought plenty of politics to their show Saturday night. Read more

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Dr. Chow’s Love Medicine’s just-released third album, Distant Planet, features a collection of mostly original songs influenced by the 1960s garage-punk sound. Read more

Local Music

Rick March explores the history of polka in Polka Heartland: Why the Midwest Loves to Polka. The work is illustrated with archival images as well as contemporary photographs by Milwaukee’s Dick Blau. Read more


It sometimes feels like it’s been written out of history, but there was a moment in the late ’80s when college rock sounded tough, marked by sharp guitars, hard drums, beefy production and a general sense of bluster. It may not have been as macho .. Read more

On Music

Not many Milwaukee area musicians are able to earn a living and tour the country as full-time singer-songwriters. And exactly one of them has managed to do so without a left arm. Read more

Local Music

Just off of East Nock Street in Bay View, a living room is filled with the vibrating, rolling sounds of the Jones Island Flood, who describe themselves as “trashy bluesy Read more

Local Music

Whether or not it was life-changing, Philip “Philo” Kassner's first encounter with a South Side landmark became a second encounter and then a third—until the preoccupation turned into his recently published photography book, Kochans Read more


Ruth Grotenrath (1912-1988) studied at Milwaukee’s Layton School of Art, but it appears that she truly connected her heart and talent to France and Fauvism. In viewing the works of Grotenrath, one can see how Fauvism, an early-20th-century ... Read more

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