Kohler Co.

Through rare historical photographs, decorative objects and personal effects, the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s “Close to Home” recalls days past of the southwest wing of the center: the Kohler’s family’s Victorian-era home. The exhi... more

Visual Arts

It is a stubborn prejudice that art and industry stand inirreconcilable opposition. But the success and staying-power of Kohler Co.’sArts/Industry program evidences a dissatisfaction with their strict separationand an insistence that they be su.. more

Visual Arts

“Arts/Industry: Collaboration and Revelation” celebrates the 40th anniversary of the John Michael Kohler Art Center’s Arts/Industry residency program. Each year, the program permits up to 22 artists to work up to six months in the Kohler... more

Visual Arts

Only nine years have passed, yet the summer of 2001 seems so far away when viewed across the rubble of 911 and all that followed. One is tempted, if only for a moment, to remember those days through the sunny haze of nostalgia as innocent t... more

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