Review of the Metro Riders’ album Europe by Night: eight instrumental tracks that sound drawn from master tapes that have decayed in vaults locked and abandoned back when electronic music didn’t have so many subgenres ending in second sylla... more

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Filmed before Hollywood imposed a self-censorship code on its productions, Bad Girl is an emotionally, socially, sexually frank glimpse of working-class life and gender mores at the dawn of the Great Depression. more

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Kraftwerk's “Pocket Calculator” may have been the unlikeliest influence on early rap, but the Tom Tom Club's “Genius of Love” runs second. The opening cut on this survey of Profile Records, Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde' more

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Few composers of “contemporary classical music,” much less opera, have found as large and welcome an audience as Philip Glass. The prolific composer and recording artist is honored for his 75th birthday with a triple-CD “best of” c more

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With my schedule being what it’s been lately, it was exceedingly pleasant to go to a show with my wife Saturday night. As she isn’t normally into going into smaller venue shows, it’s quite an endorsement for In Tandem that she agreed to come to it.. more

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It is hard to believe that the godfathers of electronic music have been creating their si The Romanov Bride ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Saturday, April 19 When and why did you start incorporating elements of music into the celebration? ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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