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The latest film by British director Sally Potter, The Party, spares no one’s feelings or ideas as a friendly get-together dissolves into angry recrimination. Read more

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Gary Oldman gives an Oscar-worthy performance as Winston Churchill, thrust into the prime minister’s office in 1940 as the Nazis storm across Europe with Britain in their sights. Read more

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The charm of Paris fills the screen as Matthias(Kevin Kline) heads purposefully down a street where even the graffiti (“Todayis the Shadow of Tomorrow”) reads like a Sorbonne undergrad thesis. He arrivesat one of those magnificent old apartm.. Read more

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When The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill began investigating civilian deaths in an off-the-books U.S. night raid in Afghanistan, the thread of clues led to a startling conclusion. A secretive military force reporting directly to the White House, th... Read more

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 TomRicks (Ethan Hawkes) is an American writer in Paris, but he’s not in town toauthor a novel. He wants to be a father to his grade school daughter, Chloe,but his efforts to reconnect with his estranged wife fumble miserably. Withno.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

With an unstable and unpopular government, Yemen has been torn by civil conflict and civil war... Read more

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Latino Arts Inc. continually strives to provide Milwaukee with the artwork of acclaimed Latin artists. In keeping with that mission, the current exhibit “Coexistencia en Chiapas y Aqui” brings painter, photographer and sculptor Juan Chawuk ... Read more

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2305 N. Prospect Ave414-223-1500 ,Best of Milwaukee 2009 Read more

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