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Michael W. Twitty, author of The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South, takes part in a panel discussion “Wisconsin Foodie’s” Kyle Cherek on Feb. 19 at UW-Milwaukee Golda Meir Library. Read more


Have you ever had Deep-Fried Spinach Lasagna Bites? How about Pig Candy Cannoli or The PorkSTACKular? The Wisconsin State Fair’s unusual food offerings have become a main attraction, drawing a multitude of hungry fairgoers with adventurous appetites. Read more


In our age of modern conveniences, fresh, packaged and prepared food is available almost everywhere, making it all too easy to become disconnected from the journey food takes from field to fork. In an effort to celebrate and educate humans’... Read more


Milwaukee photographer and author Ron Faiola, whose 2013 book Wisconsin Supper Clubs introduced foodies to the supper club craze, is out with a follow-up coffee table book—Wisconsin Supper Clubs: Another Round—profiling 50 additional venues... Read more



Safety Last

September is forcinephiles what December is for Christmas fanatics: a month of eageranticipation. Although perhaps a comparison with Chanukah is more appropriate.Whereas Christmas lasts but a day, the Milwaukee Film Festival – like Chanukah.. Read more

Happening Now

SERVE 60, founded by L. Maxwell McKissick in 2009, is a grassroots initiative designed to increase service and volunteerism in America for at least 60 minutes at a time anytime throughout Read more


Kyle Cherek, host of “Wisconsin Foodie” on PBS, knows that good food and good drinks go hand in hand. He believes a skilled bartender can do wonders just like some of the best cooks. “My fiancée tends to follow Read more

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Not everyone grows up in a home where they help their parents prepare meals and, in doing so, absorb their family’s recipes and cooking tips. Culinary know-how that only comes from experience isn’t always passed down to the next generation, and c... Read more

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