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Past mistakes and regrets are carefully analyzed and explored in Next Act Theatre’s production of Steven Dietz’s Bloomsday. Directed by Joseph Hanreddy, it’s an emotional rollercoaster—humorous and relatable to everyone with past regrets. Read more


Next Act Theatre powerfully radiates romantic drama into the warmer weather this year as it presents Steven Dietz’ wonderfully bewildering Bloomsday. Youth and experience zigzag across the stage as an older couple interact with the younger couple .. Read more



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Next Act Theatre’s world premiere of Stephen Massicotte’s 'Ten Questions to Ask your Biology Teacher about Evolution' is an adeptly performed exploration of the 150-year-old faith-science controversy still raging today. Read more



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Next Act Theatre closes its season next month with a world premiere. Playwright/screenwriter Stephen Massicotte had written The Clockmaker , which Next Act produced a couple of years ago. This year Massicotte bring Next Act Ten Questions to Ask Yo.. Read more


The Milwaukee Brewers wrap up their series against the Houston Astros this afternoon with a 1:10 p.m. game at Miller Park. Read more

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