John Raymond of Bartolotta’s lake Park Bistro shares his love of sushi. Read more

Dining Out

Myexperiences with formal writing workshops have not been good. My impression ofthem as being mindless breeding grounds for writers who all kind of sound alikemay not be terribly flattering, but Theresa Rebeck’s impression is considerablyworse.. Read more


Oconomowoc's Theatre on Main is staging a production of The Producers that opens . . . on Valentine's Day . . . (really?) . . . YES. Valentine's Day. And it runs through March 2nd. The musical based on the classic 1968 Mel Brooks comedy makes its .. Read more


The borders between Asian restaurants are blurring, as Japanese sushi bars now are often found in places that specialize in Chinese and Thai food. The reverse situation occurs at Kyoto (7453 W. Layton Ave.), a Japanese restaurant that also ... Read more

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“You expect me to eat all of that?” While you won’t hear those words at many Japanese restaurants, that sentiment is a definite possibility at Kyoto.The customer I overheard was referring to a sashimi plate ($10)—and it was the l Read more

Dining Preview