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Unlike blackface and yellowface, gayface—Hollywood’s casting of LGBTQ characters by non-LGBTQ men and women—has persisted. Read more


This week’s film clips include A Star is Born and Venom. Read more

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Dear Ruthie shares her social calendar for the week of Sept. 20-27. Events include: a transgener community meeting at Diverse & Resiliant, Sept. 20; Milwaukee Fahsion Week at Milwaukee Athletic Club, Sept. 21-23; and Drag Story Time at Milw... Read more

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Museum of Wisconsin Art to open “A State of Fashion," an exhibit representing Wisconsin clothing and fashion design over many generations. Read more

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Reflections on the good and bad of the recent Iowa Caucuses and the Republican presidential candidates from an LGBT point of view. Read more

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Withformer Democratic Party chief turned consultant Mike Tate hovering in the backgroundlike a nervous hen, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele delivered alight-on-substance preview of his 2016 county budget. Instead of holding thepresser a.. Read more

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Lifeis full of small coincidences, but truly significantcoincidences are few are far between. Ryan King and Ryan Hinkel meeting in thesame Wisconsin minimum security correctional facility was one of those rare, life-altering coincidences.The t.. Read more

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Burnhearts/Pabst Street Party, Summerfest, King Buzzo and more! Read more

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This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly panel with Ryan Schleicher, Matt Wild and I, it's our annual Summerfest preview show. We offer our day-by-day picks for the Big Gig, throwing out as many recommendations as we can cram into a half hour. R.. Read more

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Last month Summerfest broke from its unofficial tradition of announcing country acts as the festival's first Marcus Amphitheater headliner each year when it announced Lady Gage will  headline the stage, but fear not, country fans: There's certain .. Read more

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Summerfest has announced its first 2014 Marcus Amphitheater headliner: Lady Gaga. The pop provocateur's latest album Artpop hasn't been a smash quite on the scale of her previous albums, The Fame Monster and Born This Way , but it still debuted at.. Read more

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Before he reinvented himself as the electronic producer Zedd, Anton Zaslavski spent nearly a decade in his rock/metal band Dioramic, without much to show for it. The group played a few tours and signed to a Read more

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As a music writer without a take on Lady Gaga, I feel a bit like a sports commentator with nothing to say about the Super Bowl. But at this point Lady Gaga has become the Coca-Cola of pop music, an institution so omnipresent, and so controlled in .. Read more

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Few bands are more roundly despised than Nickelback, yet much of that hatred is misdirected. The masses don't necessarily hate Nickelback, per se, as much as they do music that sounds likeNickelback: any venomous post-grunge sung in a guttural gro.. Read more

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Misted with sweat following a taxing dance routine for “Telephone,” Lady Gaga sat at a piano bench as the stage cleared and reached into her studded, black leather bra. “I don’t believe in plastic surgery, so some things just must Read more

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There’s nothing exceptional about Lady Gaga’s catchy Euro-pop throwbacks, but the 24-year-old singer packages them so sensationally that they nonetheless seem fresh and exciting. With an eccentric fashion sense and performance-art leanings Read more

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Well, this must be frustrating. After years in the shadow of erstwhile rival Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera finally forged a clear identity of her own with 2006's Back to Basics, a double album that imaginatively updated classic swing and soul.. Read more

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I love Lady Gaga’s fashion style. Like Elton John, especially in the 1970’s her music is not only what makes her famous. Her flamboyant creative style and limitless boundaries continue to surprise us with her fashion statements. Read more

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