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Based on actual historical events, the musical drama Parade tells the story of a Jewish factor manager who was convicted of raping and murdering a thirteen-year-old employee in Georgia in 1913. Leo Frank’s story had generated the kind of nat.. Read more


It might be the only musical every to be inspired by a pay toilet. It’s one of those haunting pieces of musical theatre that manages to be both weirdly disturbing and really funny at the same time. Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann’s dystopian .. Read more


Early in a month populated by a couple of different murder mystery shows in the greater Milwaukee area, Hartland’s Lake Country Playhouse will be looking to cast for an upcoming production of the Agatha Christie mystery Witness for the Pro.. Read more


This coming October, Hartland’s Lake Country Playhouse will be staging a production of Shrek The Musical. They’re looking to cast the show this coming August. Nate C. Groonwald directs the production of a show which debuted back in Seattle i.. Read more


In the shadow of Independence Day, the Lake Country Playhouse will stage Stephen Sondheim’s musical about people who have planned to kill various presidents of the United States. History is simplified and oversimplified in a musical that is .. Read more



It’s the 25th of December. There’s a song from another time that mentions “scary ghost stories” on Christmas. Evidently it’s an old tradition on Christmas Eve that no one seems to maintain anymore. It’s too bad we’re not as much of a storytelli.. Read more


TheLake Country Playhouse is just a halfhour drive west of the heart of Milwaukee in Hartland, Wisconsin. This monththe Playhouse plays host to an intimate production of The Diary of AnneFrank. With modest set and costuming, the production bri.. Read more


Of all of Neil Haven’s work, the hotel comedy Stuck is probably the most . . . mature, I guess. The comic playwright behind the ever-popular Who Killed Santa? develops a fun little premise as a retro hotel plays host to an agoraphobic elevator o.. Read more


The urge to punish politicians is understandable no matter who is in power, because they inevitably disappoint the fond hopes of their admirers and raise the hackles of their detractors—and yet that same urge is almost never satisfied for l... Read more

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Things haven't looked so good to Milwaukee Bucks fans for a while. Six months ago the Bucks finished a season that produced a 12-game improvement and a playoff series they probably should have won. Oh yes, and a cool new slogan: "Fear the D... Read more

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The artful fury of Kassy Gruszkowski’s voice, swooping and soaring like a Valkyrie chorus, is not the blunt instrument of a heavy metal screamer. In addition to performing in bands, Gruszkowski earned a music degree from UW-Parkside and san... Read more

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Milwaukee has long been an on-again, off-again hotbed for what's amorphously defined as punk polka. For a band bereft of a drummer and rich in accordion, Ando & The Jolly Barrels is punkier than most. Andrew "Ando" Ehlers' barbed vocal atta... Read more

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A bleak, impoverished stretch of the Ozarks is the setting for the darkly compelling drama Winter’s Bone. In a Southern gothic worthy of Flannery O’Connor, a teenage girl, Ree (Jennifer Lawrence), is determined to keep her family from “b Read more

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Dispatched by the French government in 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville was on a mission to study American prisons. He inspected Sing Sing as promised, but was more interested in investigating the country as a whole. The backdrop to his often qu... Read more


Minnesotan wallflower and Owl City brainchild Adam Young, one of last year’s biggest music success stories, built such word of mouth through his MySpace account that Universal Republic offered him a record contract. It was a smart Read more

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