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Walworth County is home to one of the nation’s premier resort destinations, Lake Geneva, and offers a captivating array of opportunities both on and off the water. From traditional and trending water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding... Read more

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Simple Café is open only for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is served the entire time. The establishment also attempts to “local source” as many ingredients as possible. At the popular Lake Geneva café’s new location on Read more

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The trees have lost their leaves and the nights are getting longer. Without a doubt, winter is on the way. Before cabin fever has you climbing the walls, give yourself something to look forward to and plan a weekend... Read more

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Sixty-five years ago this summer, Americans looking to the night skies began to see fantastic things... Read more

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I saw Passion Pit at Summerfest last night. Actually, "saw" might not be the right word, since I couldn't really see them. I couldn't much hear them either, for that matter. The Boston electro-pop group was playing the U.S. Cellular Connection Sta.. Read more

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Would love to know why the fumble and recovery on the Badgers 10-yardline was non-reviewable. Schofield made a beautiful play, sacking NIU'squarterback, causing a fumble and then recovering it and after fiveminutes of being told it was under bo.. Read more

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So here's the thing about wedding disc jockeys: They're usually right. Much as the more discriminating members of the wedding party may loathe hearing ABBA's "Dancing Queen" or an Elvis mega-mix, wedding disc jockeys play these songs because t.. Read more

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At less than two hours southwest of Milwaukee, Lake Geneva is a fairly nice summer road trip. With a population roughly 10% the size of greater Milwaukee, it’s kind of a nice getaway. This month there are a couple of reasons to go there for theatr.. Read more


Running now through March 8th, UWM’s Mainstage production of Oedipus Rex has the distinct feel of several different shades of retro. One of many scripts by the evidently prolific ancient Greek playwright Sophocles, the play itself is some 2400-.. Read more


It’s easy to see why Yeasayer, the New York group that headlines the Turner Hall Bal All Hour Cymbals ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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During the 1980s Sonic Youth brought the fringe a little closer to the mainstream, editin Express ,Books Read more


As part of the Community Media Project’s weekend-long African Beyond film fest in th Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Common & N.E.R.D. performs LIVE at the Rave on Thursday, September 25 at 8pm. The band opening for Common / N.E.R.D. is Chester French. ,Sponsored Events Read more

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It’s a damn busy night for Milwaukee: Not only do we get an appearance from a Beatle (it’s Ringo, but still) but also one from the infamous author Salman Rushdie, who reads from his newest book, The Enchantress Of Florence, a meticulously researc... Read more

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