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Ryan Mason finds humor in his Milwaukee hometown. Read more



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Krampus came to Milwaukee and is here to stay! Krampusnacht offers a low-stress, fun event for all during the holiday season. Read more

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Use our hour-by-hour release guide to plan your Black Friday beer-venture. In total, we're counting 42 new beer releases (or re-releases) at 18 breweries between Wednesday, Nov. 27 and Friday, Nov. 29 in Milwaukee. Read more



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Six beers are coming to Milwaukee this week from Hacienda Beer Co., Eagle Park and Rock Bottom. This week is also highlighted by an official housewarming street festival/party being thrown Saturday by Indeed Brewing Company dubbed The Lowdown. Read more


Dear Ruthie offers advice to a reader and shares her extensive social calendar of events of interest to the LGBTQ community in and around Milwaukee. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Ben Yela—local musician and actor—talks about getting involved in the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and his experiences as an independent artist in the city. Read more

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Dear Ruthie offers advice to a reader and shares her social calendar of events of interest to members of Milwaukee’s LGBTQ community for the second week of August. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Madison entrepreneur Steve Kokette aims to provide accurate information for consumers on truly green products. Read more

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Lakefront Brewery's flagship amber lager, Riverwest Stein, won five head-to-head contests en route to taking the title as the first-ever Milwaukee Madness Beer Bracket champion. Read more


By foot, boat, bus, bike or streetcar, there are many ways to explore the city. Tours with focuses on food, architecture, history or just an overview of the city can all be found in Milwaukee. Read more

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama comes to town, while events related to the upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election ramp up. Read more

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The Shepherd Express Fish Fry Guide offers the winner for best fish fry (as well as the three runners-up) for special attention. The people of greater Milwaukee have spoken! Read more

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The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors celebrate Black History Month, while housing experts discuss the decline in black homeownership. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Dear Ruthies shares wisdom on premature ejaculation and, to remain romantic, her social calendar for Valentine’s Day outings. Read more

Dear Ruthie

The Sierra Club brings diverse voices together to talk about environmental justice, while CLOSEmsdf continues to picket outside of the County Courthouse. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Milwaukee’s Democratic Socialists have a busy week ahead, while candidates for school board participate in a community forum. Read more

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Milwaukee will be on the front lines of the War on Christmas, and a benefit will be held for families separated by deportation. Read more

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If it were up to the brewmasters of Milwaukee, it seems we'd stop calling the Friday after Thanksgiving "Black Friday" and start calling it "Beer Release Friday." Here are the most anticipated Black Friday beer releases in the city. Read more

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Dear Ruthie answer distressed readers’ questions and shares her social calendar of LGBTQ community events in the greater Milwaukee area. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Dear Ruthie shares her social schedule of LGBTQ-themed Halloween events in and around Milwaukee. Read more

Dear Ruthie