Lalo Schifrin

French pianist Jean-Michel Bernard and a jazz combo play the music of the legendary Argentine-born pianist-composer including the theme from “Mission: Impossible.” Read more

Album Reviews

Soundtracks reached a height in the 1960s and ‘70s seldom attained nowadays. They wereinventive, eclectic, jazz based and often funky—utterly unlike the drippymoodiness that usually passes for original scores in recent decades with thosetwo-not.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

<p> If you were in a jam anytime between 1967 and 1975, you could have done worse than to seek the help of a private eye called Mannix. “Mannix: Season Five,” out on DVD, reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the detective genre from an era wh.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

After spending three years on the road with Dizzy Gillespie, Argentine-born pianist Lalo Schifrin decided to settle down. Hollywood might seem an odd choice, but Schifrin applied his head for arrangements to the sonic dimension of films. He scor.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Although the federal government is no longer threatening to pull roughly $60 million in funding from the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex over patient safety concerns, that doesn’t mean that all of its problems have been solved by the... Read more

News Features

When all the dust settles from the requisite “end of the decade” wrap-ups, and magazines return to their usual “bands to watch in 2010” lists, Philadelphia’s Free Energy will no doubt command plenty of ink. The group has been Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The first of Milwaukee’s many free, weekend-long bacchanals, RiverSplash! commences the summer festival season with three days of music, fireworks, junk food and large plastic cups of beer and other luxuries Milwaukeeans will learn to take ... Read more

Today in Milwaukee