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Artist Anthony Pazos displays paintings depicting the ambience of unguarded fun on a warm, carefree day at Landmarks Gallery. Read more

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Landmarks Gallery is mounting “Wisconsin: The 20th Century,” a selection of paintings by Wisconsin artists. Read more

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George Raab is a talented and influential, though often overlooked local 20th century artist. His legacy is upheld by the Landmarks Gallery through February. Read more

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The fabled divide between left brain and right brain, between science and art, never troubled Wisconsin painter Terrill Knaack. Read more

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A hundred years ago thissummer, the United States mobilized industry and manpower—and the power ofwomen to fill men’s places on the home front—as the nation prepared to go towar. It wasn’t just any old oversees campaign. Pres. Woodrow Wi.. Read more

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Landmarks Gallery &Restoration (231 N. 76th St.) is marking its 50thanniversary and to celebrate, they are putting their inventory on sale.Included in this birthday celebration are oil paintings from Latin America,Italy, France, Germany.. Read more

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Ruth Harvey came late to painting. While most artists manifest their interest early in life, Harvey’s youthful inclination was toward math and science. Born in Milwaukee in 1925, she was unusual,Art Read more

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Born in a German basement during an air raid in 1942, artist Derk Hansen later immigrated to America. His art has evolved from his diverse life experiences: window stylist, art restorer, art gallery owner, photographer... Read more

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Thanks to do-it-yourself (DIY) fashion, runway looks have become much more affordable. DIY style has gained widespread acclaim in recent years, as countless blogs and websites have devoted themselves to teaching others how to cost-effective... Read more


 Sit down to watch the Milwaukee Rep's Othello and you're in for three straight hours of drama. First Stage  looks to do a little fundraising towards the end of the month with a program of monologues that is one hour longer than that . . .  Su.. Read more


Former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel will headline the Marcus Amphitheater on Summerfest's opening night, Wednesday, June 29, the festival announced this morning. The 61-year-old prog-rock founding father will be backed by the New Blood Orchestra, .. Read more

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Martin Sexton’s puffy, pale countenance belies a surprisingly soulful voice, one that evokes Stevie Wonder’s spirited cheer and Marvin Gaye’s passionate conviction. This limitless voice has opened doors for Sexton that similar Read more

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In rap music, first impressions count. From Nas to Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G. to Eminem, many of the genre’s giants arrived with perfectly realized debut albums, instant classics that remain the foundation of their legacies. Especially in ... Read more

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America needed women to fill the places left by men called into the service in World War I In For Repairs, ,Art Read more

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The example of the lucky few on "Antiques Roadshow" has convinced many thousands of viewers that they, too, might have a treasure in their attic, gold in the cellar, a forgotten masterpiece over their mantle. Although misplaced Ming vases o... Read more

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