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It's not that I have anything against Summerfest—on thecontrary, I'll be going at least four days. But chances are you're already sickof reading Summerfest tips articles and already know which days you're going.Plus, it's a long holiday .. more

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Did you know that on the same weekend that Woodstock took place, Milwaukee played host to its own concert featuring Jeff Beck, Blind Faith and other rockers at the Wisconsin State Fair Park? Rock ’n’ roll’s history in Milwaukee goes back de... more


From toe-tapping Broadway musicals to high-energy dance clubs and from legendary torch songs to reigning pop downloads, music has always been a large part of the LGBT Community. Consider more

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Can’t we all just get along? In Milwaukee, we can! We’ve made great strides in how our Straight and LGBT communities treat, support and watch out for one another more

Hear Me Out

Chris Multerer, aka Chris Curtis, dislocated his knees more than once during a decades-long career in professional wrestling. And those were only a few of the injuries he sustained in bouts with Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and the future go... more


The Rosebud Cinema (6823 W. North Ave.) is back and in good hands. The neighborhood bijou along one of Wauwatosa's busiest streets made a splash when it opened in 1999. People... more

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The Big Ten Hockey Conference hasn't stated playing yet, but their proposal for conference playoffs had caused quite a few ripples in the Wisconsin sports landscape.The Badgers' current conference, the WCHA, holds their conference playoff, the Fi.. more

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Larry Widen has already written two books on local cinemas before assembling the photographs and penning Milwaukee’s Movie Theaters for the Arcadia Images of America series. As the operator of two of the area’s surviving old-time bijous, th... more


Widen really likes Batman. Batman collectiblesdecorate the Rosebud Cinema’s lobby a For more A&E coverage, ,A&E Feature more

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