The Last Five Years

Outskirts Theatre Co. has been around since 2012. Since then they’ve staged a pretty respectable series of shows: RENT, Dog Sees God, Rabbit Hole, And Baby Makes Three . This past month, they staged an original piece based on Alice In Wonderland ... Read more



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All In Productions makes its debut this month with a staging of Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years—an intimate and bittersweet romantic musical with a non-traditional plot structure. Amanda Carson and Michael David Stoddard take turns... Read more


The Last Five Yearshas been around for over a dozen. That is to say that Jason Robert Brown’ssemi-autobiographical story of a doomed five-year relationship was originallystaged in Chicago back in 2001. The romantic musical drama with an interes.. Read more


The old village of Brown Deer may be a bit tricky to locate, but it is worth the effort. You’ll find a number of restaurants and bars at the intersection of River Lane and Deerwood Drive, but the destination of note is Larry’s Market (8737 ... Read more

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Because the machinery of law enforcement is so powerful, it’s extremely important that it not fall into the hands of ignorant people without any respect for the law.During the civil rights era, brutal thugs holding important positions in la... Read more

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