Laura Linney

Great films can be made around people talking over a meal, but The Dinner is not an especially scintillating conversation. Read more

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Tothe public he was a hero but the “experts” began to second-guess hissplit-second decision. Starring Tom Hanks as the pilot who saved his passengersand crew when he brought a crippled airliner down on the Hudson River, S.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Oneof this year’s best films is out on DVD. As Mr. Holmes slips back and forth intime, Ian McKellen gives what are essentially two brilliant performances,playing Sherlock Holmes as the already aged Baker Street sleuth in 1918 .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Ian McKellen stars as an aged Sherlock Holmes in Mr. Holmes Read more

Film Reviews

Like video games, rap and rock ’n’ roll, comic books were once the object of moral panic and scrutiny from congressional committees and public watchdogs. The genuinely concerned and the professional busybodies weren’t worried about &ldqu Read more


As just about everyone involved with the recording has made clear time and time again, Dark Side of the Moon was never intended to sync up with the 1939 musical The Wizard of Oz —and 1973 studio technology would have made Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Looking sad eyed and put upon by fools, Paul Giamatti breaths life into one of the more shadowy founders of the American republic in the popular imagination. After all, John Adams was never pictured on a dollar bill or a coin and is probably conf.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood