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As the bassist for the band and the owner of the band's record label, Syd Butler is doubly vested in the upcoming Les Savy Fav album, Root to Ruin, so when the album leaked last week, he was proactive about controlling the damage. His initial appr.. Read more

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It was all there: the raucous punk-meets-countrified twang guitars, the fast-driving drums Break Up the Concrete. ,Concert Reviews Read more

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It's difficult to believe it took so long, but Les Savy Fav finally made their first national television performance on Friday, playing "Patty Lee" from their latest disc, Let's Stay Friends. It was less frightening and more overtly comical tha.. Read more

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Madison-based bluessinger/guitarist Jim Schwall proves that getting old doesn’t mea Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun. ,CD Reviews Read more

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How wonderful is that new Radiohead album? There's not much I can say about In Rainbowsthat hasn't already been covered, except that if, like me, you'd become a little disillusioned with Radiohead over the years, give them another chance on this o.. Read more

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