It’s high summer and that means “Big Brother” is well underway. A Los Angeles-based TV reality show, “Big Brother” sequesters 15 pieces of 20-something eye candy 99 days in a well product-placed house. more



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The Madison Pride Parade takes place this weekend on Sunday, Aug. 19. As it happens, the date falls in the shadow of the one-year anniversary of the Neo-Nazi rally inCharlottesville, Va. more

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Companies with one or more LGBTQ persons in senior leadership roles perform significantly better in a number of categories. more

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Evan Todd has had some success as a screen actor in recent years. His most recent high-profile performance was released earlier this year in 4th Man Out. This coming October, the rising screen actor visits local students to discuss his experienc.. more


Chris Abele’s TV ad accuses Chris Larson of being on the side of big banks and Scott Walker—a ludicrous accusation, given that Larson has fought Walker’s agenda every step of the way and it’s Abele, instead, whose worked closely with Walker... more

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The vitriol Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice and candidate Rebecca Bradley spewed as a college student at Marquette University in the early ’90s against LGBTQ and pro-abortion persons, along with her writings and track record since that time... more

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We are calling on Chris Abele to repudiate Rebecca Bradley and all of her hateful remarks. His silence indicates that he supports her bigotry. more

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Let’s all take a moment to savor this morning’s historicSupreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the nation. It wasn’t too long ago that this seemed completelyimpossible. Think about the debates over Wisconsin’s horribl.. more

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I recently attended a meeting during which someone raised the subject of diversity. The presenter concocted an ungainly acronym I’d never seen before: LGBTTQQIAAP. A seemingly logical extension of the familiar “LGBT,” it includes more ri... more

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One Heartland (Milwaukee office, 500 W. Silver Spring Drive, Suite K-200, Glendale), founded by Neil Willenson in 1993 when he was a UW-Madison student, works with youth and families that more


PrideFest is 25 years old. To honor that, Milwaukee's LGBTQ celebration June 8-10 will welcome back... more

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Librarian Graham Barker, 45, of Perth, Australia, revealed to a reporter in October that his hobby of 26 years—harvesting his own navel lint daily, just before he showers—has now won acclaim in the Guinness Book of World Records. His three-... more

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Sunrise, sunset. Last weekend saw the Green Bay Packers open training camp for a season that many expect to be glorious, even as the Milwaukee Brewers all but proved their season won't fulfill the hopes of April. Getting swept by fifth-plac... more

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I'm sitting in the Alterra on Prospect Avenue with Ashe, Boone and Lyndzi, three members o Want Laura to answer your questions in SEXpress? Send them to ,SEXPress more

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