Liar’S Trial

Lauryn Hill comes to town the same night as Mittenfest and two killer local bills. Not bad for a February Saturday. more

This Week in Milwaukee

Some of Milwaukee’s finest roots, rock and country acts set out to honor the spirit of Gram Parsons at a marathon six-hour tribute show. more

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Photo by Aaron Larry

In the past few years outlaw country has made a major comeback, with artists like Chris Stapleton taking cues from country greats in making music that goes against the grain. In addition, many music,Local Music more

Local Music

Even as they build our cars, defuse dangerous explosives and explore distant planets in our stead, robots often get a bum rap as cold, unthinking objects, guided only by programming and devoid of an,Concert Reviews more

Concert Reviews

It’s been a bummer of a year for creative hubs in Milwaukee. After a long state of limbo and debate about its future, the Sydney Hih building was demolished into a pile of rubble in August. The legendary building is now just a memory for ge... more

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