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Summerfest isupon us. That means live music, large crowds and drunk guys shouting “ Wooooo! Summerfest! Read more

Happening Now

 AngLee’s victory as Best Director was something of an upset and first thoughtsturn to exploring how Life of Pi must have moved so many Academy members. Andwhile that idea is valid, it’s chased by second and third thoughts.  Thought.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

2012 was the best year for movies in many seasons. Ticket sales were up, and along with the requisite big-budget blockbusters came films that people—other than fan boys—were talking about. This bodes well for the Oscar Read more

Film Reviews

No contemporary Hollywood director is bolder than Ang Lee—at least in the realm of trying new things. With Life of Pi, Yann Martel’s novel about an Indian boy shipwrecked on a lifeboat with a wild tiger is rendered in dazzling 3D. The boy, ... Read more

Film Reviews

Roughly 25 years after its debut, the ’80s musical Chess makes it to the stage as a period piece for the opening of Soulstice Theatre’s 2010-2011 season. This ambitious production of the Cold War musical features a good-sized cast and drama... Read more

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The architect exhibits art on a daily basis, as every residential and commercial design subtly defines a city’s skyline and streets. In an effort to highlight the artistic nature of architecture, an exhibition titled “Unseen Architecture: M... Read more

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