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Frightened Rabbit, photo by Dan Massie

Hip-hop takes a stand against cancer, Jeff Tweedy does Sheboygan, and Alverno Presents bids its final farewell. more

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There’s a definite kitsch element that goes into any theatrical show that dons a northern Wisconsin accent. The American Folklore Theatre has a pretty solid history of developing Wisconsin-based musicals that have depth beyond the trappings of n.. more


Mosquito season is here, tempting us to turn towards DEET-based mosquito repellents out of desperation, despite warnings that it has been linked to brain cell damage (killing neurons that control muscle movement, memory, concentration and learning.. more

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“Death is the most interesting thing we do in life…” says Annie Lloyd at 90 years old in the film by the same name, Annie Lloyd (2010). Cecelia Condit generated the installation that shows the last vestiges to the aging process from a da.. more

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Best known for fronting Milwaukee's on-again, off-again Little BlueCrunchy Things, singer and mulit-insturmentalist Noah Tabakin hasreturned with another groove-orienated project, Ssssnake. Appearingtonight at 10 p.m. at Bay View's Highbury... more

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If they debuted today, Little Blue Crunchy Things’ electric fusion of hip-hop, funk and jazz would likely be dismissed as more jam music, but during their mid-’90s heyday, Little Blue was as vibrant and vital as any band the city had to off... more

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This Week in Milwaukee

Citizen King may have gotten more attention because of their commercial prospects, but pe A Different Sea ,Today in Milwaukee more

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