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Set your mind to looking for anything and you’ll start to see it everywhere. Evidently this summer that’s the case with community theatre productions of Alan Menken’s The Little Mermaid.  There have been a couple of stagings of the Disney mu.. Read more


The documentary Life, Animated recounts the remarkable story of 3-year-old Owen Suskind diagnosed as severely autistic, whose loving family discovered that Disney animated films were the key to releasing Owen from the prison of his disabili... Read more

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Greendale Community Theatre offers an emotionally resonant staging of Alan Menken’s The Little Mermaid. Read more


As one Mermaid closes, another prepares to audition. And so it goes...the circle of life...(wait, no: that’s a different one.) As The NewTheatre on Main closes its staging of The Little Mermaid Jr., a production of the full musical prepares to mak.. Read more


MilwaukeeYouth Theatre has announced fourshows for its coming 2014-2015 season. This month they’re looking to cast forthe first show of the season: Disney’s The Little Mermaid, JR. Directedand choreographed by Dan Tellez, the show will run Oct.. Read more


Josh Holloway takes a starring turn as Jason Blake, a one-time championship basketball coach with a lot left to prove when he’s recruited to field a winning dance crew by Los Angeles hip hop mogul Dante (Laz Alonso). The pressure’s on since... Read more

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In A Matter of Happenstance, Wisconsin author Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick brings readers a 19th- and 20th-century saga focused around the rise and fall of a prestigious Midwestern family. The impressively written novel pays sharp attent... Read more


The name Pizza Shuttle doesn’t convey the true scope of the restaurant’s massive delivery menu: Just About Everything You Can Imagine Shuttle would be far more fitting. Subs, wraps, pitas, burgers, hot dogs, gyros, salads, desserts, soups, ... Read more

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Adapted from the 2001 hit Reese Witherspoon comedy, Legally Blonde the Musical debuted on Broadway in 2007, telling the story of sorority girl Elle Woods. On her quest to win back her boyfriend, Warner, Elle leaves a world of... Read more

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