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CultureJam MKE and Live Artists Studio present “Truth Be Told,” the fourth installment of a provocative series of exhibitions showcasing the work of 40 artists in a one-night event. Read more

Visual Arts

With the nation-wide outrage and local unrest following countless instances of violence, police brutality, and corruption, Milwaukee artists, with the help of Jeff Redmon, Live Artists Studio and CultureJam MKE, hosted a one-night-only exhibitio.. Read more

Visual Arts

One man's trashis another man' supplies?"EasilyDiscarded," presented by CultureJam MKE and Live Artists Studio, is aone-night only art event in which twenty-five local artists will challenge "dominantnotions of th.. Read more

Visual Arts

Nowadays, a TV detective show featuring a Roman Catholic priest (and his nun sidekick) as the sleuths might have a sinister edge. But back in the '80s, the “Father Dowling Mysteries” basked in innocence. The episodes on the Second Season DVD show .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

With hopes of becoming an annual tradition, the inaugural Eastside Jazzfest rounds up seven acts from very different corners of the Milwaukee-area jazz scene: progressive-jazz multi-instrumentalist Isaiah Joshua; the Latin-funk combo Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Researching Egyptian pharaohs is genuinely dangerous work that takes archaeologists to unforgiving desert climates and treacherous tombs, and pits them against thieves who want to get their own hands on historical treasures for Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Goats And Monkeys presents its latest staged reading this coming weekend in both Genesee Depot and Milwaukee as it presents The Taming of the Shrew at Ten Chimneys on Friday and the Live Artists Studio on Saturday and Sunday. Directed by talente.. Read more


Would it be rude to ask whether the Republicans have any new proposals to save the country Read more

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