Living Wage

“Big shiny arenas look good in our community but arenas do not work unless people like me clean them and keep them operating,” Jeffrey Greer said at the press conference announcing a labor agreement between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Al... Read more




One fascinating Milwaukee County Supervisor race to watch is District 18 in the county’s far northwest corner, where Wisconsin Jobs Now Executive Director Martha Collins-De La Rosa is taking on conservative first-term Supervisor Deanna Alex... Read more

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So was last night’s rumble in the tundra a game-changer, or was it just another bland debate that didn’t move the needle one way or another? Probably a mix of both. Coming off a rough week and a terrible night in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton sho.. Read more

Happening Now

Another week, another flurry of expensive flyers flooding the county with the mission of improving Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s image ahead of his re-election campaign. In one of his latest mailers, Abele boasts of his support ... Read more

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After the 2013 Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed more than 1,200 workers and injured more than 2,000, Jocelyn Azada and Jonathan Londoño began The Human Thread Campaign. Read more


Home care workers provide a valuable service for our community’s frailest elderly individuals. They make sure that seniors can stay in their homes, safely and in good health, instead of forcing them to live in nursing homes or causing enorm... Read more

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In addition to the statewide referendum on the Transportation Fund, Milwaukee County voters will find four advisory questions on the Nov. 4 ballot. We think they all deserve your support. Read more

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Did you know that Wisconsin’s governor, on his or her own, can raise the minimum wage? In fact, the governor is required by law to ensure that all Wisconsinites—not just those earning a minimum wage—are paid a living wage for their work. Read more

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Democratic state Rep. Sandy Pasch announced earlier this year that she would not seek another term in office, which presents a huge opportunity for up-and-coming leaders. Four Democrats will Read more

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Voters on the near North Side of Milwaukee will head to the polls on Tuesday, April 29, in a special election to elect their next representative on the Milwaukee Common Read more

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In a surprise move at the end of January, Willie Hines announced that he was stepping down as president of the Milwaukee Common Council to work for the Housing Authority—immediately Read more

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We’ve seen enough hard times recently to know unemployment can lead to a life of poverty. But what kind of country are we living in when full-time workers also live in poverty? Read more

Taking Liberties

Pope Francis, living wage, minimum wage, David Bowen, Milwaukee County, Center on Wisconsin Strategy, COWS, UW-Milwaukee, fast food, service industry, health care, income inequality, Medicaid, BadgerCare, FoodShare, Earned Income Tax Credit... Read more

Issue of the Week

The unspoken message to those forced to work for the minimum wage in this country is that their employers would really like to pay them even less, but it would be Read more

Taking Liberties

It had been five years since David Krzyston voluntarily left the work force to care for his ailing parents. After they had passed, he decided to look for a job. But much had changed in the workplace, including a decrease in opportunities in... Read more

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