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“Tripping balls” on cold medicine, Liz Phair energetically revisited Exile in Guyville favorites, as well as songs from her entire career. more

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Beet Street Harvest Festival returns to celebrate all things fall in Bay View, while the Fiserv Forum hosts its biggest concerts yet. more

This Week in Milwaukee

This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly half hour of culture chat with Ryan Schleicher, Milwaukee Record's Matt Wild and I, once again we're discussing public art—specifically the public's general hatred of it. This month a Milwaukee artist pro.. more

On Music

Liz Phair’s musical career has been marked by moments of intense transformation, even outright rupture, with the vulnerable (albeit highly sexual) singer/songwriter of 1993’s Exile in Guyville morphing into the pop artist behind such chick-... more

Music Feature

The accusation that a musician is deliberately trying to alienate (if not outright piss off) their fans is one of the harshest and often most unfair that any artist can face, and outside of Weezer, probably no alternative artist has faced this cha.. more

On Music

Like so many artists on Michael Gira’s Young God label, Larkin Grimm blurs the line Parplar ,Today in Milwaukee more

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