One of Milwaukee's longest-served hip-hop groups, the Rusty P's have a new album out, LMNOP's . It's a collaboration with LMNTylst, a producer who shares the group's taste in off-kilter funk and has some shared history with them. He'd previously r.. Read more

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Songwriter and accordionist Margaret Stutt, aka Pezzettino, may have moved to Brooklyn earlier this year, but she's kept her promise to maintain her Milwaukee ties. Next month she'll return home again for the release of her latest album LubDub, wh.. Read more

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There appears to be a cultural need to view the past in a simpler, more innocent light. In the 1970s, a decade troubled by Vietnam and Watergate, a sanitized version of the ’50s became immensely popular, as evidenced by the rise of films an... Read more


Julie B accepts the label of progressive rock for her new band, The Julie B Well-but not w The Julie B Well performs March 6 at the Miramar Theatre with Chapman Party of Five, Guzzl ,Local Music Read more

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