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With the release of Superbitch, Milwaukee’s Black Belt Theatre concoct a welcome tonic countering the emotional direness of current commercial radio hard music. Read more

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In the Boulevard Theatre’s season-opening production of Fourplay: 4 Comedies of Seduction , four romantic comedy shorts by four different playwrights play out on a nearly empty stage. Three brisk contemporary comedies exploring teen Read more

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I've received a handful of e-mails about a detail I left out of this week's profile on Summerfest's local music stage, the Cascio Interstate Music Groove Stage: The stage doesn't pay its performers anything. This hits a nerve for a lot of musician.. Read more

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Guns N’ Roses fans and The Eagles of Death Metal don’t get along. The tension dates back to November 2006, when the Eagles of Death Metal were booed off the stage during their first gig of a tour with the notorious hard-rock band. Axl Rose ... Read more

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There are still a whole lot of unknowns right now as Gov. Jim Doyle attempts to craft a state budget that will correct a $5.4 billion deficit and take advantage of some amount of federal stimulus funds. Doyle is slated to give his budget addr.. Read more

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Thursday, Jan. 29 The Paul Collins Beat w/ Gentleman Jesse and His Men @ Club Garibaldi, 10 p.m. ThePaul Co,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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Summerfest haslong prided itself on being the world’s largest music festival, pullingin hundreds of performers from around the globe. But while localmusicians have always had a place on the festival’s crowded lineup, itwas only last year that the... Read more

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There’s really no plothere—just a conversation between friends at a specific Say Goodnight, Gracie, ,Theater Read more


Rudolph Giuliani Website: Rudolph Giuliani Blog: Rudy's Blog Video: chiquangue ,Elections Read more