Local Beer

Wisconsin beers made another good showing in this year'sannual U.S. Open Beer Championship. Thecompetition pits almost 5,000 beers against each other in over 90 differentstyles. It's open to professional breweries and home brewers alike,.. more

Brew City Booze

Few things are as satisfying as those first beers outside somewhere.  Especially  after The Winter That Was. So with something this meaningful it’s important not to screw it up. Here are some of the first beers you need to enjoy outside this year... more


The influence of Milwaukee’s German roots has inspired the creation of another biergarten. After Estabrook Park’s beer garden experienced resounding success more

Dining Preview

It was easy to overlook that Friday night’s show at the Cactus Club was a benefit concert, apparently for someone whose apartment went up in flames along with Pizza Man. Aside from the bartender bellowing not to be “cheapskates” at the b more

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