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It seems that local governments just can’t catch a break in the Republican-dominated Legislature, because once again local control is being attacked by state Republicans—namely, state Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (R-West Allis) and state Sen. Van Wa... Read more

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Suddenly, in Milwaukee and across much of the country, one totally mundane, down-to-earth, common-as-dirt topic seems to be crowding out all those contrived controversies politicians Read more

Taking Liberties

In a surprise move at the end of January, Willie Hines announced that he was stepping down as president of the Milwaukee Common Council to work for the Housing Authority—immediately Read more

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Unwilling to accept Gov. Scott Walker’s refusal to fully expand Medicaid programs at the state level with federal dollars, representatives of 20 Wisconsin counties Read more

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True Republicans believe that local control is best because the closer the decision-makers are to their constituents, the better. Read more

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While landlords shouldn’t have to put up with chronically irresponsible tenants and should have the right to petition for eviction, there should be a level of mutual respect between landlords and their customers, the renters Read more

Issue of the Week

The nonprofit Greendale Against Bullying (GABnow) is striving to end bullying in Greendale and the surrounding communities. Linda Lee, president of GABnow, encourages everyone—children, parents, teachers, administrators Read more


The first few months in office are never easy for a young, energetic, idealistic state legislator who’s a member of the minority party and shut out of the majority party’s decision-making process. But despite a “reality check” or Read more

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I always thought that Republicans had a fetish aboutlocal control, claiming that local leaders, being closest to theirconstituents, were the best ones to make decisions for their communities. But I guess they’ve become state-control fetishists.. Read more

Happening Now

Republican lawmakers have not scheduled a public hearing in Milwaukee County on the controversial bill to grant the Milwaukee County executive sweeping powers over local Read more

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Sister Hazel scored one of the most amiable hits of 1997 with “All for You,” a jangly roots-pop sing-along that lit up adult alternative stations but marked the band as another 1990s one-hit wonder (at least among listeners who correctly at... Read more

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