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The music heard on Wild Man Blues featuring the multi-faceted jazz pianist Ehud Asherie is everyone’s idea of a sophisticated night on the town—if the town is Manhattan in an earlier age. Read more

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Music thrives onthe west end of town. Old New Orleans and present-day Milwaukee are two fineexamples.The lakeshoreresort area known to New Orleanians as “West End” dates back to 1835. As apopular spot to throw birthday parties, hold .. Read more

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'The Beat Generation' opens with Louis Armstrong berating the Beats in song. Read more

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[This piece is ideally read with this video playing in the background]Bix Beiderbecke was a hard-drinking, introspective boy from Davenport, Iowa and he blew his cornet with the sweetest tone this side of the heavenly choir. In return for drin.. Read more

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 Paris Blues is one of the greatest Hollywood jazzmovies—and one of the best films ever about the American expatriate experiencein Paris (back before the city became a museum of memories for tourists). The1961 gem (out on Blu-ray.. Read more

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Context. This is the sole reason Thomas Brothers is dedicating years of his life to writing books chronicling the world and the art of Louis Armstrong. His mission is to provide context concerning the emergence of this musical genius into A... Read more


If the world is going to end on Dec. 21, Nightmare Painting—the third full-length album from former Racine bassist William Kopecky and Bulgarian dark master Dimitar Dimitrov—would be the perfect soundtrack. Dwelling in the deep Read more

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Before electrical amplification, the guitar was easily drowned out in orchestras or noisy nightclubs. Once players were able to plug in, guitars overtook pianos and saxophones as the lead instrument in popular music. Charlie Read more

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Louis Armstrong was a prominent figure in American culture through his death in 1971, but many have argued that he was never as sharp as on the recordings he made in the late 1920s with the Hot Five and the Hot Seven Read more

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Bessie Smith didn’t make the first blues recordings, but she may have been the first authentic blues singer to record. The Complete Columbia Recordings, a 10-CD set, is the definitive documentary of the artist who awakened the Read more

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One of Louis Armstrong's final concerts was recorded in 1971 at Washington, D.C.'s National Press Club and released at the time on a limited-edition LP. The tapes finally made their way to digital. And although the great jazzman would die f... Read more

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Swiss immigration to Wisconsin is usually associated with New Glarus and other rural areas, but according to genealogist Marilyn Wellauer-Lenius, the first Swiss citizen arrived in Milwaukee as early as 1837. Her book, the latest Milwaukee ... Read more


Few figures in funk loom quite as large as George Clinton, whose unfettered creativity and vast contributions to the genre can only be aptly compared to fellow visionaries like Sly Stone and James Brown. His greatest hits, too numerous to l... Read more

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Toronto composer, violinist and singer Owen Pallett began his solo career under the nom de plume Final Fantasy, named for the video game series that inspired Pallett’s dream-like songs. After the inevitable copyright challenges, Pallett Read more

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Read the following comments on so-called Super delegates. The first from Barack Obama, winner of Nebraska, Louisiana, and Washington state yesterday. He believes delegates should follow the will of the voters.Howard Wolfson,communications direc.. Read more

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Berlin International Film Festival - Day 1 Feb. 7, 2008 There is nothing like throwing yourself into the sensory overload of a film festival when you have not slept in 28 hours! I have never been able to sleep on an international flight, so if a.. Read more

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In a good Chinese costume drama, there is always an empire in turmoil, a bitter dynastic struggle, vast armies assembled in choreographed columns and balletic displays of martial arts—often by characters endowed with the power to fly. Legend .. Read more

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January 10, 2008 Mostresidents of southeast Wisconsin, even music fans, are still The Omnivore’s Dilemma ,Music Feature Read more

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The latest Milwaukee Rep production tells the story of a once forgotten blues record label Read your assessment results below. 15-22 ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The latest Milwaukee Rep production tells the story of a once forgottenblues record label Red Pepper ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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