Forever Changes by the integrated Los Angeles group called Love was one of the greatest rock albums from the era of great albums. Read more

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In Acacia Theatre’s production of This Other Love, written by Patty McCarty, social activist and Catholic Worker newspaper founder Dorothy Day is torn between human and spiritual love. Read more

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Every week, the Shepherd Express promotes activities in the greater Milwaukee area that peacefully push back against discriminatory, reactionary or authoritarian actions and policies of the Trump administration and other activities that see... Read more

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Magic is an overused word, especially when writing about movies, but La La Land is truly magical. It reunites Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone for another round of young love following their success with C,Film Reviews Read more

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Several years back, Nora and Delia Ephron wrote a stage adaptation of Ilene Beckerman’s 1995 book Love, Loss, and What I Wore. It’s a series of 28 stories about women told from their own perspectives. It’s a diverse group of characters. Ther.. Read more


Laurie Friedman’s 2006 children’s book Love, Ruby Valentine is a sweet, little premise. Aided by her trusty parrot Lovebird, a little girl spends all her time before Valentine’s Day making cards and treats to give a little love to everyone.. Read more


Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts’ I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change is a fun, little musical comic fugue that delves into the nature of love in the 20th century that debuted Off-Broadway in the mid-’90s. It speaks to certain universals abou.. Read more


Turner Hall Ballroom numbers among Milwaukee’s better venues for supporting Americana, alt country and other rootsy, string-based musics. But the city still doesn’t seem to be quite the hub for bluegrass that Madison is. So, for Colorado’s ... Read more

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In the heartbreaking 2013 documentary Narco Cultura, Juarez, the Mexican border city, is painted in strokes just this side of hell, and spoken of in terms of “end of Read more

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Although Fragmented World is just over half an hour long, Split Single bandleader Jason Narducy enriches it with two kinds of experience: the kind he’s picked up working for Bob Mould, Robert Pollard and Superchunk, and the kind he’s picked... Read more

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A staple at ComedySportz Milwaukee and a regular guest on the Dave & Carol WKLH morning show, comedian Dylan Bolin is a familiar and well-liked entertainer to many Milwaukeeans. Influenced by George Carlin, Carol Burnett and Bill Cosby, Bol... Read more


A staple at ComedySportz Milwaukee and a regular guest on the Dave & Carol WKLH morning show, comedian Dylan Bolin is a familiar and well-liked entertainer to many Milwaukeeans. Read more


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Milwaukee Public Schools announced that they will remain closed Tuesday, as the coldest air the region has experienced in over a decade continued to freeze the city. Monday's expected high temperature of just -8 degree ties Milwaukee's all-time re.. Read more

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The first thing I ever reviewed for print was a 2002 French film called Irreversible. It's a cleverly brutal film in which the scenes play out in reverse order. Pinter's Betrayal recently opened with Windfall Theatre. Written in the late '70s, it .. Read more


A school shooting sends sullen 15-year-old Linnea off to live with her estranged father in Jean Thompson’s new book The Humanity Project. Meanwhile, across town, Sean and his teenage son Conner face eviction in part due to Sean’s Read more


Michelle Lopez-Rios’ credits include work as a stage actor, a director and a voice coach. Lopez-Rios’ latest project finds her working with Renaissance Theaterworks as the director of Enfrascada, a story of a woman... Read more

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 As always, dating is complicated. And any stand-up comic will tell you it can be funny stuff. And so it was that a humble, little musical about the comedy of dating and romance lasted a very,very long time on Broadway. And with a title like I .. Read more


 As things progress into the summer there are more and more opportunities for interesting little road trips out to theatre just beyond Milwaukee County. A spot that might often be overlooked may well be UW-Whitewater. Who would think of going to .. Read more


Among other things, Tweed Funk is about consistency. The Milwaukee band's sophomore album again mixes blues, R&B, salsa and what-the-funk else. Singer Joseph "Smokey" Holman shouts, growls and croons like a soul man with an urge to danc Read more

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With the tax season past (for most of us, that is), what happens when the IRS comes calling at your door? Enough to make roommates Jon and Leslie very nervous, especially since they've been filing their taxes as husband and wife for four y... Read more