Luchino Visconti

Director Luchino Visconti was still firmly tethered to the Italian neo-realist movement when he made <em>Bellissima</em> in 1951. His sets were the streets and crowded apartments of Rome\'s working class districtsalong with the nation\'s major fil.. more

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<p> Talk about home invasion: The 1974 film <em>Conversation Piece</em> stars Burt Lancaster as the Professor, an American expatriate in Rome cajoled into leasing the top floor of his palazzo to a strange band of Eurotrash. Leading the way into t.. more

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Though some fans found it inherently off-putting that metal-leaning grunge rockers Alice in Chains carried on after the 2002 death of Layne Staley, replacing him with soundalike William DuVall, the bulk don’t seem to mind. The reunited Alic... more

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The Milwaukee Metropolitan SewerageDistrict (MMSD) has been getting a lot of shit lately The Making of Milwaukee ,Milwaukee Color more

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Although Italian director Luchino Visconti was a pioneer of the grungy, grit-and-all filmmaking style called neorealism, he also loved all things grand and operatic. His final film, L’Innocente (1976), was in the latter mode, a costume drama in .. more

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Ludwig II remains one of the 19th century’s most famous monarchs. Unlike his peers, his reputation rests neither on war nor diplomacy, repression nor reform, but on art and madness. As ruler of Bavaria, a kingdom that became an autonomous state o.. more

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Before tonight’s game, the Brewers’ wives will be raising money for the Sojou Momofuku ,Today in Milwaukee more

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The latest screening in the UWM Union Theatre’s “Modernity and Tradition: Fil Address Unknown ,Today in Milwaukee more

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