Lucky Bone

Milwaukee’s noise music scene is in flux, but Alex Kmet remains committed to it. His noise project, Climax Denial, appears at Bremen Café in Milwaukee’s Riverwest on Thursday, May 5, along with Echo Beds, Lucky Bone, and Venereal Crush. Read more

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Canadian punks Single Mothers brought the heat on a bill that doubled as a release show for Milwaukee's Midwives. Read more

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Milwaukee's post-rock big band Group of the Altos (sometimes simply Altos) will release a new album in late February on Mini50 Records, the label announced today. R U Person or Not is the band's follow-up to 2012's Altos , an alternatingly lush an.. Read more

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Shrouded in mystery is the Cleveland experimental band Pimlo, which creates noisy, static-laden soundscapes. They’re part of a growing number of indie bands choosing to distribute their music on cassettes, an imperfect medium that seems... Read more

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