The Magic Flute


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In collaboration with Milwaukee Opera Theatre, Quasimondo Physical Theatre and Cadence Collective, Zie Magic Flute returns this month to a story-appropriate setting—Historic Tripoli Shrine Center. Read more

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The Magic Flute is a gentle opera beguiling in its warm simplicity, seemingly less complex than the composer’s other stage work but requiring a cast with whom audiences wild easily identify. Read more

Classical Music

“This production of The Magic Flute reprieves our 2009 production and remains colorful and picturesque in keeping with the spirit of Mozart’s sublime work,” says Florentine Opera’s William Florescu, though they will give it “a new original slant." Read more

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The Pfister Hotel's latest artist in residence, Timothy Westbrook, hails from upstate New York. In May 2011, Westbrook graduated from Syracuse University, where he majored in fiber... Read more

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The answer might be obvious when comparing convenience, affordability and maintenance. It’s when you get into the environmental impacts where things aren’t very clear-cut. Here is a brief comparison: Real Trees Since most.. Read more

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The Magic Flute concerns a remarkably innocent little instrument that charms all who liste The Magic Flute ,A&E Feature Read more

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