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Jason Isbell and The WhiskeyBelles highlight a busy week for Milwaukee Americana fans. more

This Week in Milwaukee

Between Gloss Weekend and the Cream City Comedy Festival, it’s going to be a banner weekend for Milwaukee music and comedy. more

This Week in Milwaukee

Dear Ruthie provides relationship advice to a teen and describes several events of interest to the Milwaukee area LGBT community during mid-June. more

Dear Ruthie

Mexican Fiesta and Lebowski Fest anchor a big weekend of Downtown events, while the Gin Blossoms play the Milwaukee County Zoo, of all places. more

This Week in Milwaukee


Courtesy of Milwaukee Art Museum

Paul Masterson discusses the importance of fashion and haute couture in the LGBT community and describes several events, including the Milwaukee Art Museum’s “Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years Ebony Fashion Fair,” the Jewish Museum Milwaukee’s ... more

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Dear Ruthie answers a letter from a reader who is uncomfortable about her partner’s desire to perform a topless burlesque routine, and plugs exciting arts events including an all-female version of Macbeth at Soulstice Theatre (Jan. 15-31), ... more

Hear Me Out

I love animals…period. I love my doggies, Roxie and Rocco, cats fascinate me, I’ve written for birding magazines, and I think hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs are adorable. I love all animals…except bats. Fuck those things more

Hear Me Out

Mother Nature is a bitch! There…I said it. Sure, a woman’s prerogative is to change her mind, but this broad has taken things too far! Knock back a few PMS pills, lady, and bring us the spring we deserve. For God sakes, the other night it w... more

Hear Me Out

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Visual Arts

Sportsmanshiptook a shot in the face this month when a college football playerslugged an ,Sports more

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%uFFFD Thursday, July 23 GZA/Genius @ Apartment 720, 9 p.m. Debatesover the best solo Wu-Tang Cl,This Week in Milwaukee more

This Week in Milwaukee

Thanks to a long overdue daylight savings switch, the Milwaukee Art Museum’s new monthly MAM After Dark mixer actually begins a little before dark this time. Showcasing young local talent, the art museum’s latest countdown to midnight featu... more

Today in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Art Museum’s monthly MAM After Dark series tonight pays homage to the museum’s latest feature exhibition, “Jan Lievens: A Dutch Master Rediscovered,” by revealing at 8 p.m. a new series of art, subtitled “Jan Li more

Today in Milwaukee

Thursday, Jan. 15 The Super Noble Brothers @ The Oriental Theatre, 7 p.m. Oneof the biggest crowd pleasers,This Week in Milwaukee more

This Week in Milwaukee