The Wisconsin/Vega Project is an outgrowth of America’s longest-running band of its kind, the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra, and exudes the casual, Sunday afternoon-at-the-beer-garden elegance of a lost epoch. Read more

Album Reviews

Milwaukee ensemble New Vintage Frets performs repertoire from a time when mandolin music was a national craze that firmly took root in Milwaukee. Read more

Concert Reviews

On John Kruth’s tenth album, the recording and performances with his collaborators, Italy’s La Società dei Musici, sound like a band that has been playing together for a long time. Read more

Album Reviews

The 20-some member Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra is one of the city’s overlooked cultural assets. Read more

Local Music

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Huber spent much of his time between 2004 and 2012 contributing to the bluegrass attack of Milwaukee’s .357 String Band. That group found success across the globe with its multi-songwrite... Read more

Local Music

A singer-songwriter turned one-man band/human jukebox to appease for the jam scene, Keller Williams headlines the Miller Lite oasis at 10 p.m. Expect lots of funky guitar riffs and maybe even a cover of a Pink Floyd song or two. Bluegrass tradit... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

How is Rush, a band comprised of three Canadians eachpushing 60 who have been making music together since 1974, still headlininglarge venues like the Marcus Amphitheater? The answer can be found in theprogressive-rock band’s rabid fan base (among... Read more

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