Manfred Olson Planetarium

Astronaut Scott Kelly comes to UW-Milwaukee to discuss his record-breaking year aboard the International Space Station, collecting data for a future human mission to Mars. Read more


A trip to aplanetarium can be a surprisingly relaxing endeavor. It offers a comfortableand deep-set chair, calm and reassuring darkness, and an hour or so to powerdown your phone and contemplate the vastness of the universe. Add a littlerock-n.. Read more

What Made Milwaukee Famous

Jean Creighton was just fiveyears old when she turned to her mother and asked, “How are the stars born?” Itwas this sense of curiosity that would lead to an impressive academic career inthe fields of physics, astronomy and astrophysic.. Read more

Around MKE

For Off The Wall Theatre’s production of the popular musical Guys and Dolls , director Dale Gutzman and set designer David Roper take on the challenge of turning the cozy, 60-seat theater into Times Square, populating the Read more

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