Marcel Proust

Steve Bachmann proselytizes for the author in the cartoon-illustrated Proust for Beginners, a useful handbook situating Proust in history and explicating his merits. Read more

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Graphic novel adaptations of existing texts often serve as shortcuts for people lacking the time or ambition to engage with the original novel. Such is certainly one of the uses for Stéphane Heuet’s adaptation of Marcel Proust’s In Search o... Read more


"For years I said if I could only find a comfortablechair I would rival Mozart," wrote twentieth century composer MortonFeldman. While most would not insist on such grandiose results, it is easy tocommiserate with Feldman: the success of a crea.. Read more

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The latest company to wear the temporary title of “Milwaukee’s last theater group,” BITE Threatre introduces itself this week by premiering a programs of shorts written by playwright Robert Lawrence. The program—titled Kill the Read more

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