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Provocative work by contemporary African-American artist Rashid Johnson is on exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. more

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“HauntedScreens: German Cinema of the 1920s” is a media-hopping study in modern anxietyand the visual methods for capturing and conveying it. The artistic movement German Expressionism was a reflection of the prevailingmood in Weimar Ge.. more

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Milwaukee Art Museum presents “Haunted Screens: German Cinema in the 1920s” Oct. 21-Jan. 22, 2017. Many special events and screenings will be featured, including a collaboration between Present Music and Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical The... more

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BlogmasterGeneral is a mixed bag. The gig is not without its headaches; be theyfigurative (e.g. the tedium of transcription) or literal (usu. induced bycomputer screen staring). But tallied up, the perks far surpass the pains. Casein po.. more

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Dropping its hero, big green ogre Shrek, into an alternate universe, this fourth chapter of the popular DreamWork's franchise is able to reconsider the fates and fortunes of its primary characters. Shrek's (Michael Myers) birthday, celebrat... more

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In some cases, perhaps the best we can hope for from our politicians is that they’re lying to us. If they actually believe some of the things they say, we’re in really big trouble.We have perfect examples in the Republican opposition to eco... more

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