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My wife and I have the same criticism of the overall premise of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. The overall premise of the dystopian novel seems to be ignoring the central force at the heart of hundreds of years of politics in the United St.. Read more



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The World’s Stage Theatre Company presents The Handmaid’s Tale, March 20-29. Milwaukee Chamber Theatre hosts its seventh Young Playwright Festival Showcase March 19-22. Rapunzel is coming to Village Playhouse’s Inspiration Studios on March ... Read more


Bazil, the mild-mannered protagonist of Micmacs, is the sort of film buff Quentin Tarantino would admire. Working the late shift at an all-night video store, he watches a Bogart-Bacall classic, The Big Sleep, reciting the dialogue by heart.... Read more

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Jeremy Enigk, who headlines an 8 p.m. show at Shank Hall tonight, was the shy, mysterious World Waits ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Upon leaving the theater last night, I found myself oddly perturbed. James Cameron spent ten years on AVATAR, and yet the script wasn't very well-written. My intellectual sparring partner asked me what, exactly, I expected from a science-fiction m.. Read more

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