Marian Gallery

By dialing down sensationalism and superficial drama, the artist sets a subdued tone for his representational renderings to thrive. It’s not often we get this deep a dive into the interior of an artist’s head. Read more

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Quilts seem tobe on Milwaukee’s mind this January. Perhaps because, better than any otherspecies of blanket, they bridge the gap between bodily comfort and personalexpression. In other words, quilts satisfy on both a physical and aestheticleve.. Read more

Visual Arts

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Mount Mary University

There are manyways people choose to share their inner selves and Mount Mary University students,alumnae, faculty, administrators and staff have depicted an interpretation oftheir souls via ink drawings for everyone to see.  The “DrawYour Soul .. Read more

Happening Now

The power of grandmothers is evident at a young age: They are miraculously able to make presents appear, to delay bedtimes, to soothe the sting of boo-boos. In “Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon,” on display in Mount Mary University... Read more

Visual Arts

Gary John Gresl's "possible solo finale" exhibition, “An Assembler,” brings together more than three dozen of his assemblages and photographs. The effect is like walking through an array of grottos or shrines... Read more

Visual Arts

Intimate apparel, hidden beneath other garments, is often considered "unmentionable." In artist Carol Chase Bjerke's sculptures titled Intimate Apparel, paper slips and undershirts stitched from recycled medical disposables help to reveal e... Read more

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A chance occurrence led to a meeting with Skye and Pete Ciesla in the Marian Gallery at the Mount Mary Campus while they installed their new exhibition that opens September 19. The husband/wife team usually resides in Bailey's Harbor, Do.. Read more

Visual Arts

With Milwaukee's outdoor music festivals fast approaching, remember to visit the smaller art venues when any thunderstorms pass through.  Smaller galleries offer a quiet, peaceful space to escape the summer crowds and an opportunity to s.. Read more

Visual Arts

Alan Furst has been writing novels about World War II for almost four times as long as the war lasted. Beginning with Night Soldiers in 1988, he has written 11 excellent espionage novels set during the war and the years leading up to it.Lon... Read more


The O’Brien vs. Leno debacle isn’t a petty Hollywood divorce where the media demands we pick a side and wear a shirt with our favorite “team.” No. This is serious. We have lost our great leader in late night, our commander in cheap Read more


Emperor Maximilian I ofthe Holy Roman Empire founded the Choir in1498, when he ruled tha sang ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

Classical Music

The Haggerty Museum of Art opened its new exhibit, "Current Tendencies: Ten Artists from Wisconsin," yesterday, providing separate gallery spaces for each of these 10 artists, who represent a wide range of experiences, mediums and inspirati... Read more

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This year’s Academy Award nominations were a bummer for everyone who prefers good old-fashioned entertainment to dramas about the Holocaust. It’s not too surprising that, like the Best Picture n,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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